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Job Search Tips To Get Hired Easily

You are all set to start your career or adamant about changing your career path. Longing to get noticed by the best employers who are in search of candidates with the skillset same as yours. But for you, the job search is turning out to be a nerve-racking process. You know the job you want and the company you want to get in, but you are not confident enough from where to start your job search. You have already uploaded your resume to all possible job sites, have asked your friends and relatives to help you out in finding any good opportunity, but your luck has not shown any positive sign yet. You are just targeting aimlessly. There is no planning or strategy to follow. Of course, there is no set roadmap that people need to follow. However, one can strategise better to increase the possibility to land in a good company with better career opportunities.

Here are some tips that can help job seekers to plan a better strategy for their job search.

Set your career goals

This majorly applies to the freshers who are entering the workforce for the first time or changing their careers and entering into a completely new arena. First and foremost start with setting a clear idea about your goals. Identify what type of career you want, what job role will suit your skillset, and what passion can create a career path for you, etc. More or less it should be a realistic goal. Do some research about the people who are in similar fields or posts. See if you can relate your idea of success with them. Get some recommendations from family, friends, seniors or professors to get some more clarity regarding the same. This will help you to align your thought process and ideas which can lead you to structure a better plan for your career path.

Outshine with a perfect resume and cover letter

It is not just a piece of paper, it is the most essential document that defines you, your skills, qualities and experience. It holds your identity, who are you? What makes you different that stands out among the rest? So, before even preparing for an interview call, ensure to prepare your resume with zero error. Because these days, resumes get filtered out through software like ATS. It is important that your resume and cover letter involve keywords that the company's job description has emphasized the most. To simplify this step, try a video resume. Currently, video resumes are a trend in the job market, where a candidate can speak about himself, his experience, qualification and skill in a video rather than framing it on paper. It tends to be the easiest, most effective and engaging medium to present yourself. ShramIN Jobs is one such job search platform where the candidates have the option to apply for a job through the video resume. It is the easiest, fastest and free job search application.

Take help from online job search engines

This is no brainer. Use job search engines to find job openings on the company's website and social media pages. There are numerous job search platforms available in the market. Subscribe to daily or weekly job alerts. But be careful of fake and fraudulent job postings. Try and use free job search engines. ShramIN Jobs is a free job search platform. The majority of job search platforms focus on white-collar job opportunities. ShramIN Jobs, on the other hand, represents the labour section of the society which has been largely ignored by the rest of the platforms. It is dedicated to blue and grey-collar workers who are in search of jobs in manufacturing and construction units.

Do your research and build good networks

Before applying it is important that you research the company you are aspiring to be a part of. It will help you to understand their culture, work ethics, environment, benefits and salary they provide, what are the reviews of current and ex-employees about the company. Because this will guide you whether you are suitable for the space. Try and interact with people both online and in-person to build professional relations and to get inside information about the company. LinkedIn is one such platform where you can get connected with company leaders and professionals easily. Do the initiative to start a conversation and build a network. You can also participate in various seminars and social events to have a good network. Because these networks might come as a help to get you through some job openings by their recommendations.

Enhance your skills

Till you are in the process of job search, you might utilize the period to enhance your skill by getting more training and experience. This applies to all generations, as technologies are getting advanced with time, people need to upgrade their skills to stay relevant in the market. People who are entering the workforce or setting a new career can consider getting an internship or volunteering work in a similar industry where they desire to work further, while they are applying for a job. This helps to enhance your skills as well as your network circle increases. ShramIN Jobs is also a medium to get updates about training courses relevant to blue-collar workers. Get information about various courses that can help freshers or even experienced to enhance their skill in the respective sector. There are free courses available for ITI professionals, electricians, repairing courses, computer operator programming courses, etc. As you gain knowledge and skills, keep updating your resume. This makes you stand out among other applicants and covers up the gap period of your unemployment.


These are some pointers you can take as guidance for engaging in a successful job search routine. Life already doesn't seem like a piece of cake to manage. People are already stuck with hundreds of issues. The job search can be one such issue that can be less stressful if you correctly strategise it. Invest minimum time in your online job search and get maximum career opportunities. ShramIN Jobs is one such platform that gives a boost to your job search without charging you any money. You get a chance to portray your profile to the best of the employers within a few minutes through a video resume option. There are various other benefits for job seekers. Explore new opportunities by downloading SramIN Jobs App and enjoy the smoother way to get yourself placed.