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Free Online Video Interview Platform for Vocational Training Institutes

Empower your students with cutting-edge technology to connect with top employers. Schedule, conduct, and evaluate both real and mock video interviews effortlessly on our secure, high-quality platform for free.

Key Features and Benefits for Vocational Training Institutes

Reduced Time & Costs

Save time and resources on travel and scheduling physical interviews. Conduct interviews remotely and efficiently.

Increased Placement Rate

Facilitate effective communication and feedback between students and employers for a smooth placement process.

Large Pool of Employers

Reach over 2000+ employers to place your students

Nationwide Placement

Schedule interviews with employers across the country, all from the comfort of your institute.

Zero Cost

ShramIN Jobs Online Video Interview platform is Free for Vocational Institutes

Mock Interviews

Conduct mock interviews with best career experts to prepare your candidates for jobs

Streamlined Process

Manage and conduct multiple interviews efficiently, saving time and resources.

Interview Feedback

Gain insights into the performance of your students with Employer feedback

High-Quality Video and Audio

High-definition video and audio quality, ensuring a smooth and professional interview experience

Top Companies Hiring From Us

We Have Built Our Trust With + Employers



Frequently Asked Questions

How do we get started?

To get started, register your vocational training institute on our platform. Once registered, you can begin scheduling interviews and connecting your students with potential employers.

How do I register my vocational training institute on the platform?

To register your vocational training institute, visit our Sign Up page and fill out the required information.

Is there a limit to the number of interviews we can conduct?

No, there is no limit to the number of interviews you can schedule and conduct. Our platform is designed to handle high volumes of interviews efficiently.

Can we conduct mock interviews on the platform?

Yes, our platform supports both real and mock interviews. You can schedule and conduct mock interviews to help your students prepare for their actual job interviews.

How can employers provide feedback after an interview?

Employers can provide feedback directly through the platform. After each interview, they will have the option to leave detailed feedback, which can be accessed by the training institute and the students.