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Top Blue-Collar Jobs in demand

According to the division of the workforce, blue-collar workers perform jobs that need physical work or manual labour. Work that can not be performed while sitting on the desk inside an A/C room, but on the factory floor or outside on the ground or field. The nature of physical hardship in blue-collar work spoils clothes and hands with dirt, which our Indian society doesn’t find respectable jobs. Our old cultured and feudal mindset still has not grown out of that dislike towards the work that involves dirty hands and clothes. Hence, the workers in this sector are still struggling in India to live a dignified life with decent earnings.

Irrespective of the societal norms, there are few blue-collar jobs that are flourishing in India and offer better pay to the jobseekers.

Machine Operator:

These are machine specialists, who inspect, load and operate the machines in manufacturing and production plants, workshops or warehouses. They monitor and maintain the machinery to ensure its efficiency. In the time of automation, the demand for a skilled machine operator is rapidly increasing in the Indian market.

Required Skills:

Salary Bracket: ₹10, 000 to ₹40, 000 (Monthly)

Cab Driver:

One of the underrated blue-collar jobs, which can pay handsome money along with flexible working hours. Perfect job for those who love to drive and travel. The least requirement is to have a car and a driving licence. One can start their own business or join as an employee in any travel agency or leading cab service organisation, like Uber, Ola or Rapido.


Salary: ₹20,000 to ₹35000 (Monthly)

Maintenance worker or Repair Technician:

Workers that maintain, fix or repair machines, equipment or structures. They perform routine maintenance processes and help in troubleshooting and repairing any asset or electrical problems. Maintenance workers can be specialized in Electrical, welding, carpentry, plumbing, machinery etc. One can start their own business, can work as a freelancer or can opt for a gig marketplace.


Salary: ₹1.5L to ₹3L (Annually)


Another underrated job that can pay incredible money. Over the passing years, tailors can be considered as designers who do not have the qualification. They design, cut, sew and prepare a masterpiece for their customers. The tailor does not have to be always in a pitiful condition. There are various examples who have created their own brand and turned their business into a success story by delivering their consistent good work.


Salary: ₹3L and beyond (Annually)

Delivery Person:

One of the blue-collar jobs that have shown an increase in demand after the advent of Digital India. As the e-commerce business has taken a sudden rise, companies need people to deliver their products to the client’s doorstep. There is continuous and unwithering demand for delivery guys. One can get into this job sector if he/she/they have a bike, driving licence and smartphone.


Salary: ₹8000 to ₹25000

Cook :

This job has not gained the dignity it deserves. But with time, the growing craze of street food and different food cuisines has increased the job market for people who can cook. People who love to try new recipes and like to offer food to others can try to open their own business or work for local food ventures as a chef. Only continuous practice can make the person a perfectionist to get noticed and appreciated.


Salary: ₹2L to ₹4L

These are some of the jobs that are growing with increasing demand. But tracking their availability might seem to be a task for a blue-collar worker. Knowing the growing usage of low-cost smartphones and the internet, ShramIN Jobs has found a way to connect the demand and supply of skilled blue-collar workers. From ITI technicians to non-technical occupations like a caretaker, painters, tailors all are finding jobs on our job portal. The innovative technology has helped to start new and better beginnings for blue-collar workers in India. If you still have not registered yourself on the ShramIN App, do it today to find your future job online with zero fees and effort.

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