How to take advantage of E-Shram Card?

Date : 21/09/2022

How to take advantage of E-Shram Card?


Are you worried about your employment and financial situation after the lockdown caused by the Corona pandemic? If such a disaster happens again somewhere, how will you and your family be able to handle yourself?

So, friends, the government has issued a great solution, E-Shram Card.
Let us know how this e-shram card can help you?

Today we will talk about the e-shram card scheme issued under the Ministry of Labor and Employment. What is its benefit and why should you get this e-shram card made?

About 30 to 40 crore people in India are running their employment by working in the unorganized sector. People like small farmers, migrant labourers, construction workers, carpenters, MGNREGA workers, mill and factory workers, etc. work in the unorganized sector.

Not all of them have a permanent job and the regular salary or other benefits that come from it are not guaranteed to get continuous. Due to this the people of this area are not able to become financially strong. That is why the Government of India has brought this e-shram scheme for these unorganized workers, through this scheme the registration of people will be done. Through this the central and state government will help you and other people working in this field socially and financially on their behalf.

If we know deeply, then the government has also brought e-shram card scheme because till now no official data of 30 to 40 crore workers working in these unorganized sectors is available with the government. Due to this the Central and State Governments were not fully able to pass any benefits directly to these people. Its effect was most visible in the lockdown during Corona.

So e-shram card is a way for workers like you to prepare a national database of workers. This card will be linked to your Aadhar card and bank account. With the help of this the government can directly deposit money in the bank account of the registered people. The government may be able to help immediately when the time comes and avoid heart-wrenching scenes like the corona lockdown in the future.

Just like in U.P. For the financial assistance of about 1.5 to 2 crore laborers, the government is sending 500 rupees monthly directly to their bank accounts. Similarly, more states are planning to help their people through e-shram cards.

Along with financial assistance, you can also take benefits of social security such as –

Registered people can take security insurance up to Rs 2 lakh. 2 lakh in case of disability due to death or accident of a worker and up to Rs 1 lakh in case of partial disability.

Similarly, those who will have e-shram cards, even after the age of 60, they will be given ₹ 3000/- as a pension under Shram Yogi Maandhan Yojana. In case of sudden death, 50 percent of this pension will continue to be received by the spouse of the deceased.

Along with this, you can get more social benefits with the help of e-shram card. You can visit their website for more information. You will find the link to the website in the description.

Another big advantage of e-shram cards is employment for the youth. I am talking about National Career Service (NCS) Portal. It is an online portal in which you get information about new jobs and career opportunities. You can register in the NCS portal through e-shram card.

This portal helps in providing jobs to women, the handicapped, and people from many labor sectors.

In this you can search and apply for many government and private jobs.
Along with this, you can also get many Skill Development, Internship, and Apprenticeship options.

On registering on this portal, your resume is generated, as well as an ID card is also issued, through which you will be able to apply for jobs.

Now you must be thinking can people living away from home also take advantage of e-shram cards? Yes, this e-shram card is valid all over India, and its registration is absolutely free. This scheme has been made keeping in view the people who move from one city to another for a job or work. If U.P. The government sends some amount to the accounts of laborers, while those working in other states of U.P. The workers will also get the benefit of this.

So now let’s talk about how to make e-shram card? You can make it yourself –

First of all, go to the main page of e-shram portal from the link given in the description.

Press the button ‘Register on e-Shram’. Enter the mobile number linked with your Aadhar card and fill in the rest of the required details. Press Send OTP. OTP will come on your Aadhar card number only, enter the rest of the documents like your bank account details and press the submit button, and also take a printout. Apart from this, you can also get e-shram card made by visiting the nearest Common Service Center.

Let us now know who can get E-Shram Card?

If you are 16 to 59 years old And you are a laborer working in the unorganized sector who does not get a salary of more than ₹ 15000/-. Also, you should not be a member of the Employee Provident Fund and Employee State Insurance.

If you fulfill all these conditions then you can register for e-shram card today. In the description given below, you will find the link to the website.

Do let us know if you want to know in more detail about any topic related to e-shram. Express your feelings freely in the comment section.

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