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Best Job Portal To Find ITI Jobs In Delhi

Best Job Portal To Find ITI Jobs In Delhi
Best Job Portal To Find ITI Jobs In Delhi

Best Job Portal To Find ITI Jobs In Delhi

Date: 14/10/2022

Remember when candidates walked around with copies of their resumes at company receptions in the hopes of getting a job? Those days, however, are long gone.

There are numerous job search sites for jobs in Delhi where companies and recruiters post job openings using recruitment software. Job seekers can search for jobs based on their qualifications, skills, and industry on these websites.

The most significant advantage of this system is that job openings are open to a large talent pool rather than being limited to a small number of applicants. Anyone, regardless of their location, can apply for jobs anywhere.

If you’re looking for work or jobs in Delhi, here are the most popular job sites to be aware of. Let’s take a look.

1. ShramIN (

Shramin jobs - Best Job Portal To Find ITI Job In Noida

It Is The Most Rapidly Growing Job Search Portal. Catering to job seekers and employers to meet their needs in the job market. It is included on this list because of its motivation to be a catalyst in facilitating the employment needs of blue and grey collar workers. Manual labourers, such as construction workers, electricians, plumbers, carpenters, and so on.

It Is Distinct From The Other Available Job Portals, Which Typically Cater To White-Collar Jobs Such As Administrative Or Managerial Work. A few job portals advertise jobs for construction workers, manufacturing/factory workers, ITI candidates, skilled/semi-skilled workers, and unskilled workers. And because it involves a section of society, this job portal is very inclusive. Blue and grey collar workers account for 80% of the workforce in the United States. Can Reach A Larger Population Of The Nation Than The Other Job Portals On The Market. India Is A Diverse Country That Cannot Be Stereotyped By Only Catering To A Single Section, White-Collar Workers, To Address The Nation’s Unemployment.

The ShramIN Jobs App Is A Free Job Portal For candidates looking for job in Delhi and in other cities in India also. It supports the Multilingual Feature, which allows users from any region and language to access the app in their native language.

It Allows You To Upload A Video Resume Instead Of A Paper Document. Because it allows illiterate people to express their skills and experience without stressing over CV documents, which would otherwise be a barrier to their application. To be more helpful, the portal also provides candidates with the option of skill-building and training.

Overall, enables candidates to easily and quickly register for and apply for all suitable job opportunities. It Is the best option for blue-collar workers looking for new opportunities who were severely impacted by India’s lockdown.

2. Workindia (

Workindia - find job near you

WorkIndia provides Blue and Grey Collar Recruitment services, assisting employers in connecting with the right employees. Retailers, accountants, bank officers, BPOs, and delivery jobs are among the available job opportunities.

WorkIndia was founded in 2015, and its headquarters were relocated from Mumbai to Bangalore in 2019. Their mobile application streamlines the job application process with a single click. The WorkIndia team ensures that the platform is simple to use for its customers.

The company employs automated technology, geo-tagging, dynamic algorithms, and the concepts of ‘Availability Heuristics’ and ‘Prospects Theory.’ The Technology Stacks that make up the framework of this online recruitment company are Django, Elasticsearch, Neo4j, ReachJS, PostgreSQL, and Docker.

3. Apna (

Apna - job application

Millions of people in India lost their jobs over the last year as the coronavirus pandemic forced many businesses to close and workers to return home. There are over 250 million blue and grey-collar workers in India, and providing them with meaningful job opportunities is one of our country’s top priorities.

Apna was created as a professional networking and job platform to assist professionals in connecting with potential employers and landing jobs.

Apna (digital recruiting business), founded in 2019, in Mumbai, Maharashtra, became a unicorn approximately 21 months after its founding and 15 months after it began full-scale operations.

The firm was founded by ex-Apple executive Nirmit Parikh and is now valued at $1.1 billion following a new fundraising round led by Tiger Global Management.

4. Naukri (

Naukri - job platform

It Is One Of The Leading Job Sites That Has Grown Over The Last Few Decades. It is an Indian company that was founded in 1997. The portal primarily serves as a platform for job seekers and employers to connect. Job seekers can apply for new job openings for free.

Users are not required to pay to use the application or website. Although Some premium features, such as more filtered job suggestions and candidates, require a subscription. Other offers include resume database access, response management tools, and so on.

The company not only operates in India but also in places like Dubai, Riyadh, Bahrain, and Abu Dhabi. As a result, there are over 5 lakh jobs and over 60 million CVs available on the portal, providing job seekers with a wide range of options.

5. Glassdoor (

Glassdoor - Job Portal

It assists the job seeker in gaining an overall understanding of the company’s work ethics and the salary brackets it offers for the respective positions. The portal displays the ratings and reviews of companies or organisations provided by current or former employees. It primarily increases workplace transparency by providing reviews from people who have first-hand experience with the specific organisation.

It displays office photos, salary reports, interview questions and their difficulty level, office hours, the number of staff members, management ratings, and so on. This Is A Helpful Feature For Job Seekers Because It Provides An Unbiased Report On The Companies.

Along with reviews and ratings, the site offers millions of job openings for free to job seekers. Candidates looking for work can use it for free. Candidates looking for work can use it for free.

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